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Places and spaces Places and spaces What makes creativity possible? How does a blank page become a strategy, a concept, a campaign?

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Mo, AugPM VON: EW Artist's conception of the Minoan eruption of Santorini Image: Cook and Abbott. Famed for its link with the legend of the lost city of Atlantis and Poseidon — God of the sea — the Greek volcanic island of Santorini is now once again claiming its strong connection to the Aegean Sea that surrounds it. Santorini formerly known as Thera in ancient times forms part of the Cyclades Islands and is renowned for its awe-inspiring sea-filled volcanic caldera surrounded by steep cliffs and picturesque Greek villages.

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Note: Entry to attend a sports event as a spectator is not a mandatory reason for entry. The decision whether to allow entry at the border is at the discretion of the border officials. Under the ordinance governing entry during the coronavirus pandemic Coronavirus-Einreiseverordnungtravellers are also required to complete digital registration on entry ; to present proof of a negative COVID test resultproof of vaccination or proof of recovery from COVID; and to comply with the quarantine regulations depending on the risk status of the country of departure. Under what circumstances are unmarried partners permitted to enter Germany for short-term visits from third countries which are not on the safe list, and what special provisions apply?